Assassin’s creed odyssey review

Assassin’s creed odyssey review

Just completed Assassin’s Creed Odyssey –  I’ve been a long term fan of the series (but almost quit entirely with unity and syndicate) and while Origin was certainly a step in the right direction for fixing the series, Odyssey is by far a giant leap.

It is not the same type of game as the Ezio and Altair games that got many of us hooked on the series but after many years of the series slowly crumbling, a reinvention was kinda needed.

The gameplay: more akin to a modern open world fantasy RPG (think along the lines of Witcher or Skyrim to some degree) compared to the action adventure games – gone are one hit kills and speeding through, we now have a proper levelling system, a more varied weapon and armour system (mix and match outfit pieces for different bonuses)

You have many weapon types, and despite the lack of a certain favourite weapon from the series being missing (due to the time the game is set) it is legitimately fun to try different weapons to get through different situations.

The ability tree is decent enough – I liked the fact its easy to reset your abilities on the fly to approach different situations – some boss fights I switched to a full Bow based build, while usually I played as a warrior/assassin hybrid build which could handle most standard situations. Fans of the original games may enjoy playing full assassin/stealth, however you may dislike the less realistic attacks.

The change to a full rpg game that is in this game and origins comes with the downside of damage-sponge like enemies that can survive many sliced throats, arrows through the heart and daggers in the back

For the most part, the ship combat was pretty good, however there was a couple times where the difficulty spiked a bit too much. I just wish it had more customisation away from visual and simple upgrades – maybe something more akin to the ability system or picking modifications for attacks.

The story and design: Oh my… Probably the best theme, best characters and best overall story of any of the games since Connors journeys in Black Flag (my previous favourite AC game)
Everything just feels right! From the character design, the side quests (spoiler: they are actually fun and interesting) to the main story-line which just kept me and my wife completely hooked from start to end!
My love of Greek mythology probably also played a part in why I love this game so much though.
Some of your choices even had believable (and visible) consequences and really made you think about what you are going to do – even small things such as dialogue changing depending on how you finished a mission (if you stealthed or brute forced your way through an enemy base) made the game feel so much more alive.

The side characters are well designed, interesting and make you actually look forward to getting a quest pop up for them just so you can explore them even more, and the historical figures are well thought out and actually interesting instead of just shoehorned in to say “look who you can meet in this game”

Oh, and you get to pick between two characters… Tip: pick the female (Kassandra), while both were well made, the facial and character animations and the voice acting is by far the best in any AC game and probably some of the best I’ve seen outside of PlayStation Exclusives such as Last of Us and Uncharted!

The bad:
Ok, as well as the previously mentioned Damage sponge issue that comes with the territory of the genre they have been moving into, the game still isn’t quite perfect.
During one of the DLC side stories, I had an entire character who’s dialogue was completely glitched out – every time he started to speak, he would say the first word and… Then stand in silence until the next person was ready to talk… And not even his subtitles would appear. This was, after 94 hours, the only major glitch I came across.

Come on Ubisoft – a modern game like this that doesn’t have any sort of Colourblind mode? It made the map insanely difficult to use (to the point where my wife had to help me whenever I was looking for certain things such as synchronisation points to teleport to) and some bosses I could hardly see the AOE rings on the floor to warn me to move (once again, my beautiful wife to the rescue)

Roundup: despite the few bad things, the good is definitely overflowing here – this is probably my second favourite open world RPG this generation, only behind Witcher 3.
I give this game a solid 9/10 – a good chunk of that missing point is down to the Colourblind mode as I honestly wouldn’t have been able to play through some of it on my own due to this!

Assassin's Creed Odyssey




  • Amazing character design
  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Interesting story and setting
  • Fun side content


  • Lack of Colourblind Mode
  • Damage Sponge Enemies