Budget Gaming Reviews – Steelseries Rival 110

Budget Gaming Reviews – Steelseries Rival 110

I am not made of money, but I love gaming – one of the biggest surprises for me when setting up my PC for gaming was the cost of peripherals! That mouse? can easily cost £75-100, while your keyboard? You can often be looking at £100-200 for a decent one!
But… not me! I am here to look at the budget options that are available out there for us gamers on a tighter budget.

Now, Steelseries is one of the big brands with some very expensive options – however, they do have an option or two on the cheaper end, and one of them is the Rival 110 – a budget mouse with certain options often associated with the higher end.

Design and Build

Now – this is a budget mouse, and doesn’t have any majorly fancy design points about it in regards to the shape and feel of the mouse, but at the same time, it doesn’t feel cheap. It is a very basic rounded shape that will be familiar to both non-gamers and gamers alike, and despite being made from plastic, the matt soft-touch finish gives it a slight “premium” feel to it.

While being advertised as an Ambidextrous mouse, it felt a bit odd that there are side buttons only on one side (I would imagine this could be a bit more difficult to use for left-handed users) but I am presuming that having buttons on both sides may have meant a higher price point, but that is pure speculation.
Is it (in my opinion) for left handed players? no – however, if you share a mouse in a household with left handed and right handed players using the same machine? It may be an acceptable choice in this regard.

Want to know what I meant by “certain options often associated with the higher end”?
RGB Lighting! It’s nothing too extravagant (The logo and the Scroll Wheel) but definitely gives the budget mouse that slight more premium feel for people who like that sort of thing – plus the lighting is easily customisable in the Steelseries Engine 3 Software


Having a very reasonable 7,200 CPI, the performance is definitely great for the price point – the only caveat that some people may find is that the mouse is very light, so if you prefer heavier mice and struggle with lighter ones, this may be a bit of an issue for you.

Even with a CPI of “only” 7,200, the mouses TrueMove1 sensor is very good – the accuracy is probably one of the best budget mice I have ever used. I feel that without the TrueMove1, this would have been comparable to budget brands such as VicTsing, but the inclusion of this sensor has pushed this mouse above its price point!

Now to the buttons – there are 6 buttons, two main ones, two side ones, your mouse wheel and a button just below the wheel.
The buttons themselves feel great to use and are mechanical, giving them a very nice, responsive and robust feel to them
All the buttons are customisable using the previously mentioned Steelseries Engine 3 software, and you can make two preset sensitivity options that at the click of t a button (the one just below the wheel) you can switch between


If you want a budget mouse that doesn’t quite feel like a budget mouse, then this may be perfect for you. While it may struggle when compared alongside the higher end mice, for the price point it is a very good choice and certainly more than enough for the average gamer.

My main issue? Their choice of advertising as an Ambidextrous mouse when it doesn’t feel overly suited to left-handed gamers’ due to the side buttons location.

I score this mouse a 9/10 due to the fact that it is incredible for the sub-£30 price point it holds. I would LOVE to see a house in the same price bracket that can stand up against this.

Steelseries Rival 110 Mouse




  • TrueMove1 Sensor
  • RGB Lighting
  • Amazing pricing


  • Not 100% ambidextrous