Scarlett Veilas Start – a WoW Fanfic

Scarlett Veilas Start – a WoW Fanfic

“She’s so beautiful! You must both be so proud” said an onlooking Noblewomen

“We are VERY proud” replied Kianna Veila happily looking over at her daughter.

It was Scarlett’s 9th birthday, and hundreds of nobles from Stormwind and surrounding areas had flocked to her families manor house to see the birthday girl. Under local tradition, nobles usually select their child’s place of training when they turn 9, ready for when they start on their following birthday.

By now, most children with any innate abilities would have started showing – future mages accidentally starting fires, potential warlocks communing and sometimes even playing with imps, however Scarlett had shown none of these. Without any innate abilities, your choices were either extremely limited – or, for some non-noble families, non existent.

Lord Jankin, a lord from Stormwind and recently appointed sword-master of the Royal Castle, approached the parents “So, has she shown anything yet? If not – she could always come and join me! I know it’s not the most femenine thing to train in, the art of Swordsmanship, but in the army and even the royal guard we have some women who I would hate to be at the opposite side of a fight with!”

“Thank you for your kind offer, we are hoping she’s just a bit late with any showings, but we will definitely take it under consideration” replied Kerrik, Scarlett’s Father, “as you may remember from when we was younger, I didn’t show any of my healing abilities until after I started training to be a warrior! Luckily, it wasnt too late for my parents to get me transferred to the Abbey to train as a Paladin.”

“AHH yeah, I do remember – you could barely hold a sword until you switched! How in the king’s name did you ever manage to make it through your Paladin training, let alone survive a war?” Asked Lord Jankin, while trying to stop himself spilling his ale from laughing.

“Well, Jankin, my trainer was….”

“Excuse me, dear husband of mine, isn’t this supposed to be all about your daughter today? Not retelling of war stories for the thousandth time?” Exhumed Kianna, “also, wasn’t Scarlett with you two a minute ago? Where has she wondered off to?!”

Suddenly, screaming could be heard from somewhere behind some trees on the other side of the Manor!

Both Kerrik and Jankin grabbed their weapons and ran towards the screaming where they eventually found Scarlett surrounded by some Kobalds.

“Leave her alone and return to your cave you mangy creature” shouted Kerrik, wielding his heavenly imbued mace.

“You harm one hair on that girl and I will slice your throat!” Shouted Jankin.

One of the kobalds which was holding a dagger as if it was a two handed sword suddenly spoke back “girl take candle – kobald take candle back, girl die” and lunged the dagger straight at Scarlett!

“NOOOO” shouted Kerrik, but before he could thrust himself at the creatures, there was a massive snap noise. Looking up, he noticed Scarlett had thrown her hand out directly at the dagger coming towards her, but the dagger and her hand never touched! Instead, a glowing silvery bubble appeared around her.

“This is MY candle, not yours” shouted Scarlett before swiping across with her hand, causing a golden smite to cut one of the kobalds.

All the Kobalds fled in fear of the girl and scattered between the trees, leaving Scarlett who was still crying.

“Are you ok Scarlett?” Shouted Kerrik while running over to her.

“She will be fine, take her back to the house and I will clean up the mess around here… It’s a bit unfortunate that I won’t be training her though – looks like another member of your family will be going to the Abbey though!” Said Lord Jankin with a slight smirk.

To be continued… Maybe