Welcome (or Welcome back!) to NerdyAF – as you can tell from our previous blog post, this site is an entirely different beast than the previous site that you all knew and loved.
Gone is our large team of content writers, editors and moderators, instead… it is just me! For the time being at least.

Now, previously NerdyAF had the aim of growing worldwide and making a name for itself as a large gaming news/reviews publication site – this time around, the site is purely a hobby/pet-project.

So… Let’s start at the beginning shall we? What is NerdyAF and what are our values?

Nerdy And Friendly

We are all here because of our mutual love for gaming and general Nerd/geek culture. My dream is for this to be a nice place for a potential community to share our love for this lifestyle in a place where toxicity and condescending attitudes are left at the door.

Nerdy And Family

I am a gamer, but I am a family man first and foremost. This site will mostly be family friendly and likely show a lot of family friendly indie titles that you may not read much about elsewhere. Obviously, I will also be talking about some of the other games I like and play (that are not Family Friendly) but I will try my utmost to ensure a warning is put at the start of these articles where applicable. Also due to being a parent of a toddler (and a baby due in about a months time!) my full attention cannot and will not be put into this site as it once was. It will be a bit hit and miss when I can get articles written and posted, and the quality will likely be of a lower standard than it used to be. Joys of parenthood (100% worth it though!)

Nerdy And Fun

Well, this is a hobby. Hobbies are 100% meant to be fun right? Well, I have made a promise to myself, my family and to you all that I will try to keep this site as upbeat and fun as possible! In the past I let myself get VERY stressed out over the day to day running of the site – and it cost me my hairline! (seriously, my hair receded massively over the years I ran the site and then stopped receding after we closed up! I do not want a repeat of that… and nor does my wife!)

So, there we go – that is our values and aims for this site for the foreseeable future – if you have ANY questions, feel free to comment on here or email me at

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