Out with the old

Hello everyone and welcome to our NEW scaled back website!

So, I have been running NerdyAF for a rather long time now and over the years we have had many ups and downs, good times and bad times, stressful times and times for celebration, but over time, sadly, running the site got harder and harder and we ended up putting NerdyAF on Hiatus.

So, here we are, almost halfway through 2019 and NerdyAF is back. So what has changed? Well, its just me here (at the moment) – Everyone else has moved on with their lives and/or other projects and moving forward and growing as people, but I couldn’t get over NerdyAF so decided a bit of a revival was in order! Now, at one point we had about 8 people and now we have 1… so PLEASE don’t expect daily or even weekly updates anymore! This will be a “as and when I get time” type project from this moment forward.
Also this site has zero funding to the point where we couldn’t even afford a fancy theme to put on the site! But that doesn’t matter too much, this is about the content not the looks.

Also – something I never wanted to do, but was necessary to cut costs to an absolute minimum – I had to ditch the old server host, this meant sadly I lost all the previous stuff from the site (all the old reviews and everything) but hopefully we can get things built up again over time!

Over the next couple weeks, I will try get the site looking at least moderately presentable, but it will be nothing too fancy – maybe a free WordPress theme or something like that.

This will be less of a “reviewing all the latest games” site and more of a “heres a quick review of a game I have been playing” or “here is a quick guide on how to get this awesome weapon on a certain game” from now on, hoping you guys and girls appreciate this change.

Anyway – thank you for reading, and hope to see you stick around for the future of NerdyAF!

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